“Magic happens when talent meets empathy. That’s what leaders do. Magic.”

– Mike X. Huang

If you have ever found yourself suddenly in charge of a team without any direction or knowledge of how you got there, you know how terrifying that can be. Maybe you have been winging it for too long and realize that being a leader involves a lot more than what your bosses have told you.

I started this business in service to those who appreciate what a true leader can do to a team, to those who realize they still have room for improvement and to those who want to take their leadership skills to the next level.

How Did This All Start? Why did I want to be a coach?

Have you ever heard a saying like this?

When you’re young, you can only see the sky. As you grow up, you realize how close the ceiling is to you, with all its little cracks and imperfections.

When I was 14, I found myself very far away from home, in the heavily polluted summer of Beijing, possibly letting the air get to my head, and considering dropping out of high school.

At the time, I was studying in a professional institute for a competitive board game popular in Asia. The idea of dropping everything and pouring the next four years into going pro haunted my mind. My competition were the other millions of teenagers who had given up a normal education from the age of 5 to study under renowned professionals. I lamented my lack of talent and time. The lost dream stuck with me for years.

Talent. Time. Who we are. How many of us wished we could change these three things in our lives?

Thankfully I learned very soon that my perceptions of these were misguided. I also learned that many others felt the same way and this blocked them from releasing their potential.

What really stops us from being happy and achieving our goals? The reason lies in not having enough perspective or self-awareness. We get stuck in what others expect of us instead of embracing who we really are. We can’t get out of our own heads and don’t understand what our customers or fellow team members are thinking.

This leads to what I became passionate about. At the root of all of these challenges is emotional intelligence. Over 80% of top performers have it and all leadership skills are based on it.

After I realized that, I was hooked. I poured myself into the various fields that could be applied to better emotional intelligence and leadership. Performance psychology, the social sciences, management case studies and world class coaching practices. My mission became to draw out the best in leaders, who can then do the same for the people they are responsible for.

Since then, I have worked with corporate executives and startup founders to test the limits of their ability and deliver the kind of organizational impact they came to me for.

How I’m Here For You

My blog is full of case studies, research and articles I’ve derived from what I learned from various mentors, psychology research, military studies, management anecdotes and my own experiences. If you want to master the one skill that will give you the chance to make your mark on this world, please subscribe and stay tuned.

What are The Ten Commandments of Leadership?

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