The Hidden Strengths Podcast

Addiction, Pain and EQ – 022

This episode goes real deep as we explore the topics of addiction and trauma as it relates to emotional intelligence. There are some surprising insights that will get you thinking about what has impacted you in the past. And while you won’t find the cure for addictions here, you will come away with questions worth spending some time over

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Persisting Through Pressure – 021

How do you get things done when there’s a ton of pressure bearing down on you? When you bring your head up to breathe and take a look around, you may start to be more aware of how you perform under pressure. What can affect you? And how can you work with pressure? If this is something you haven’t thought about, here’s your chance.

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019 – Adaptability Trumps Emotional Intelligence?!

What is a better measure of success? Adaptability or emotional intelligence? This question led to quite an interesting rabbit hole of research studies. In case you’re wondering what adaptability really is, its dynamics with emotional intelligence and how to improve it, this episode will be the perfect fit for you.

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Turning Politics into Culture – 018

What is one thing we admire so much from entrepreneurs? Their culture. But whether you work in corporate or in a startup, culture is a living and breathing enigma that needs constant attention. What makes a culture work? What kills it? And what can you do? We answer all of that right here, right now.

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Being a Creative and Early Stage Startups with Peter Liu – 017

What does it really take to succeed in the startup world? I dive into what most people don’t think of when they start a company with a long time friend of mine, Peter Liu. We go through getting over imposter syndrome, avoiding insanity and the art of catching yourself. With good times all around, this is one episode you don’t want to miss.

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The Art of Managing Chaos – 016

How easy it is to wake up one day and realize how you haven’t been focusing on what’s important. But now it’s become difficult to break out of the pattern. How do you get out and really focus on what moves the needle in your life? This episode focuses on priorities and how to execute on them.

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Conquer Change or Be Conquered – 015

What does bitcoin and EQ have to do with each other? Unexpectedly, there is a lot to talk about here when bitcoin represents change and all the craziness that comes along with innovation. When it comes down to it, humans are at the heart of the matter, whether it’s why blockchains were invented or how people react to change. This may be a good time to develop some self-awareness!

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What Is This Show About?

What can you do with emotional intelligence? What would your personal relationships, career or business look like if you developed more of your EQ? This podcast will take you through the science and the stories of how you are capable of more than you think.

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