The Hidden Strengths Podcast

A Sight You’ve Never Seen with Wilson Lin – 042

What’s it like once you’ve been climbing towards your goals for awhile? We dive into the life of an entrepreneur who’s lived around the world and back. From the cushy tech life in San Francisco to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Wilson Lin has experienced what everyone dreams of. But what is it really like on the other side?

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Does Low EQ Mean Less Money For You? – 041

Are you in control of your money or is your money in control of you? I realized each individual has very different thoughts and feelings when it came to money. And because of that, most people don’t realize that your EQ actually has a strong relationship with how you approach your personal finances. Find out how this is possible and how your mindset can really determine how rich you can become.

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Why Leadership Development Programs Fail – 040

What is the point of training at a company? Usually the bigger the company, the more of these you see. And most of the time, they’re useless and distract you from your work. How did it get this bad? Do effective leaders really come out of these programs? I dive into the research and show you what you can do if you truly want to develop yourself.

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Why You Decide on Misery – 039

Making decisions can be one of the most difficult things you do every day. You know that already but what about the decisions that you don’t make? What about the times when you stick to the status quo? Whether or not you’re aware of it, you’re still making a decision. Here’s the science and the real cost of that.

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Self Regulation Saves Lives – 038

Did you know that people actually die from a weak EQ? Ok, maybe things aren’t that bad. But your emotional intelligence is tied to your habits and behaviors, which make a difference in your lifestyle choices. If you make ones that harm you, then you might not do so well in the long run. Let’s dive into the research that is arguing this and see what you can do today to avoid this pitfalls.

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Why Self Awareness Is Hard – 037

You’ve been hearing about self awareness and how important it is to have. But this is easier said than done. Why is that? What exactly makes it so difficult for you to achieve a higher level of this amazing quality? We go over that and more so that you can deepen your understanding of this kind of emotional intelligence.

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The Attack and Defense of Motivation – 036

What are the secrets to motivation? This is a question that haunts everyone with a goal. While no one has all the answers, here are a few that many people overlook when they approach their goals. If you have found yourself struggling with finding motivation, you’ll appreciate the different tips here.

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The Spread of Social Contagion – 035

Why are you the average of the people closest to you? I’m sure I’m not the only person that’s been curious about that. From my own childhood memories to research that study how the people around us affect us, I offer a glimpse into how we’re impacted by others and why. And most important, how you can use your emotional intelligence to balance out what we call social contagion.

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Ask Mike #3 – Commencement Speech

If you were to give a speech to new college graduates, what would you say? That is exactly what went through my mind at my little brother’s graduation. Not surprisingly, what I would say is very different than what you hear at most universities. Here is what I would say.

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EQ In The World of Professional Poker with Ricky Guan – 034

What does EQ have to do with poker? A lot actually. We invite professional poker player, commentator and team manager, Ricky Guan here to talk about a side of the game that you’ve never seen before. From his past had an impact to what he’s learned throughout his journey, you’ll definitely discover new perspectives you never had.

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What Is This Show About?

What can you do with emotional intelligence? What would your personal relationships, career or business look like if you developed more of your EQ? This podcast will take you through the science and the stories of how you are capable of more than you think.

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